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Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring

Designing media is not only about the output of media products, but how the media can be implemented so that it is understood, and the information put into practice by the learners. Lentera Talenta teaches the public about community resilience through permaculture, community organizing, waste management, and disaster management. To strengthen learning at the community level, we offer audio visual, print media, mural-making and audio media as needed.
Videography & Photography

Videography & Photography

Producing videos and photos has been our work and passion for several years. We do this for both commercial and community education. Visual media is very useful to strengthen people's understanding on all sorts of issues. After thorough assessment processes, including discussion with various stakeholders, we produce media that is not only suitable but easily understood by the participating community. The dialogue we establish within the community and with clients allows us to better understand the desired goals and objectives.
Design, Website Development & Maintenance

Design, Website Development & Maintenance

Connecting work, whether related to campaigns, promotion or information distribution, we can package it in the form of a website which is connected to social media. In addition, books, booklets, modules, brochures, leaflets, factsheets, and illustrations are available as campaign or promotion tools. Our committed and experienced team are the strength of Lentera Talenta.

Why choose us?

Lentera Talenta means enlightening craft, which means to spread useful information for the benefit of many people. Providing insights to communities in need of a better life, providing gender perspective, and environmental and sustainability perspectives. With more than 10 years experience, our team has worked with local and international NGOs, governments, companies, community groups, and activists. This has provided us with insight about the importance of building educational and promotional media based on needs at the community level. Working directly with community groups reinforces experiences and new ideas in understanding the function of the media itself. Educational media does not go only in one direction, it can be more successful if there is a two-way interaction. Planning, direct practice in the field, listening and analyzing community inputs and improvements are processes that we always execute, so that in the end, the media serves a function and is shared.


Lentera Talenta has worked with clients at local, national and international levels. We have experienced various situations and working conditions, in remote, rural and urban areas. We have handled various subjects on the environment, disasters, agriculture, livestock, marine, products and services, campaigns, advocacy, education, construction, as well as children’s education. Our team has been built up through various working conditions, and this has made our experience well seasoned. We have learned a lot from our experiences with various clients and community groups. We apply the experiences we have learned when we create educational media, this enhances our process of creations.


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Community Interaction

Lentera Talenta was born from empowerment movements in society together with NGOs in Indonesia. Our established relationships with various agencies and communities have broadened our horizons regarding enlightening media. The effectiveness of a media can be measured through the behavior change that occurs when implementing an activity; whether the public can accept the information provided or not. The culture in society is a benchmark for ensuring information is well received, and also belongs to the community. Being part of a community group means it is important to be accepted, approaches that are too foreign will be subject to resistance and can even negatively impact the existing order of life.

Media that Enlightens and Empowers

For us, a media product will not enlighten and empower if its benefits are not clearly felt by the general public. Media products such as videos, photography, printed media and online media will be very useful if they are applied at the community level in a way that makes lives better. Likewise, for product and services promotion, bringing community perspective is our strength. This allows information products to be accepted by many people from all walks of life. To enlighten means to provide new information that sparks people's interest, and to empower means to maintain local potential in the community.


Penerapan Kebun Gizi Organik oleh Lentera Talenta di Kecamatan Bayan - Lombok Utara telah dinikmati oleh masyarakat dampingan. Kebun ini adalah solusi untuk kesehatan masa kini bagi anak- anak yang kurang gizi.

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It all started from IDEP Foundation's media department in 2006, producing educational media needed by the organisation for educational purposes in assisted communities. In 2010 the IDEP Media department became CV IDEP Media, with IDEP Foundation playing a major part. For the last 10 years, aside from producing educational media and delivering media advocacy training, IDEP Media worked with other organisations, companies and government agencies for media production. In 2020, the IDEP Media team chose to establish a new independent entity and changed its name to CV Lentera Talenta.
Media that Enlighten and Empowers

Building community resilience through education media and down to earth.
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